Exklusive Rundflüge mit Rundflug Deutschland

For those unforgettable, beautiful moments: exclusive flights for you, your family and friends. With our recent offers on our site we give you a wide range of scenic flights. Beautiful landscapes, impressive Cities or sights, both old and new. Whatever scenic flight you decide for, we guarantee you an overwhelming view from above. For our trips, we use a Cessna 172G, a four seated aircraft that is one of the most liked aircraft in the world.

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Pilot for a day: just like flying yourself

You may not actually sit at the steering wheel, but being so close to the pilot, you will feel like you are flying all by yourself. And if you have any questions, you can always ask your pilot.

We make it possible for you to see Germanys most beautiful landscapes.

  • Rheingau
  • Rhine-Hesse
  • Weinstraße
  • Berlin
  • Potsdam
  • Speyer
  • Cologne
  • Frankfurt on the Main

Scenic flights over Berlin – see the capital from above

See the astonishing beauty of the Rhine, visit the unique skyline of Frankfurt or make a trip high above Berlin: whatever you chose, you will see things you’ll never forget.

Scenic flights over Frankfurt on the Main and Mainz

Soar high above Frankfurt on the Main and see the impressive Bank towers of Mainhatten. Or make a scenic flight over Mainz and see everything the Fasnacht capital on the left side of the Rhine has to offer. Starting Point will be either Frankfurt Egelsbach or Mainz Finthen.

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Book now – Scenic flights over Mannheim or Aschaffenburg

We offer a wide variety of places. How about a scenic flight over Mannheim? Especially from above, the city of squares can be a sight to behold. Or a scenic flight over Aschaffenburg, for an unusual perspective of this beautiful Franconian city.

A stunning roundtrip – a perfect gift

Looking for the perfect gift? Scenic flights are a great present for weddings or birthdays. That’s why we also offer gift cards, to make this special day an unforgettable experience. A good gift for people with a special relation to a certain region or city.

Book your scenic flight over Bonn and Berlin – how about today?

Experienced Pilots, beautiful landscape and above all – fair prices. No one is going to beat that. Our pilots have a live long experience of flying. So, if you are flying either over Bonn or Berlin, be sure that we will always bring you back safely-

Get yourself an exclusive Cessna scenic flight, to see Germanys most beautiful cities and regions from another perspective. Our pilots are happy to welcome you on board.