Find your convenient sightseeing flight by clicking on “LOCATION / TICKETS” or “SIGHTSEEING FLIGHTS”. Follow the guides to order your ticket by using our order form. In case you prefer to order one or more flight tickets by phone or E-Mail, simply give us a call or send an E-Mail. Please specify your preferred flight and the amount of tickets you would like to order and enter the shipping and billing address as well as your phone number.

Phone: +49 (0) 611 341 70 12

E-Mail: info@rundflug-deutschland.com

Hereupon we’ll send you the tickets by mail. Enclosed you’ll find your invoice. The tickets become valid as a result of the payment and can be redeemed on the agreed date.

All important information, such as flight details, conditions of carriage, our phone number and E-Mail address, are noted on the ticket.

Please use our online flight reservation form for scheduling a flight.

In good weather, we fly nearly every day from the 1st. of April to the 1st. of November.

Activated Flight tickets, gift coupons and vouchers are valid 3 years and transferable. You will find the terms of transportation under “AGB” (general terms and conditions).


At the agreed flight date we’ll await you at a specified meeting point on the airfield. Please provide your tickets for others to see. This will help us to recognize you. The directions you’ll find under the menu item “LOCATION / TICKETS”. In case you don’t find the airport at first go, please don’t hesitate to call us for help. The phone number is noted on the ticket!

During the whole flight you’re allowed to film, shoot photos, talk to the pilot or ask questions.

Using intercom and headphones supplied to each passenger, communication among the

passengers is constantly possible as well.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you on board!