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You will take off from the Mainz airfield and fly along the river Rhein past 50 castles, palaces, ruins and abbeys, all the way to the German Corner (Deutsches Eck) and the city of Koblenz. Here you will find impressive architecture of various epochs of the past centuries. The fascinating beauty of many buildings arises even more from a bird's eye perspective. The majority of masonries are located in the area "Oberes Mittelrheintal" which is recognised by the UNESCO as world cultural heritage. The flight will lead you past the following buildings: Reinhartshausen palace, Vollrads palace, Schwarzenstein castle, Eberbach abbey, Ehrenfels ruin, Ehrenbreitstein fortress, Stolzenfels palace, Marks castle, Boppard castle, Rheinfels castle, Pfalzgrafenstein castle, Sooneck castle, Rheinstein castle, Mariental abbey, St. Hildegardis abbey, Loreley, Maus castle, Katz castle, Schönburg castle, Mäuseturm, Koblenz palace, Niederwald monument, Deutsches Eck and many more.