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Experience the Rhine-Main-area from a bird's eye perspective! You will fly from the Mainz airfield, across the Rheingau area and past the cities of Wiesbaden, Eppstein, Königstein, Kronberg, Eschborn and the amazing skyline of Frankfurt. The flight will continue via the cities of Offenbach, Heusenstamm and Dreieich, past the world cultural heritage "Messel mine", the Mathilden hill,  the Hundertwasser house in Darmstadt and the cathedral of Oppenheim. On our approach to the airfield Mainz we'll fly over the Rheinhessen area and the city of Mainz with it's dome. Within the 60 minutes of flight time you'll pass more than 100 sights. Reinhardshausen castle, the russian church with it's golden cupolas, the Bahai temple, the Opel zoo or the palace of Kronberg are just a few of the numerous and various highlights.