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You will take off from the Egelsbach airfield and experience the Geo nature park Bergstrasse-Odenwald from a bird's eye perspective. You'll fly over the city of Darmstadt along the Bergstrasse past Frankenstein castle, Heiligenberg palace near Seeheim, the ruin Not-Gottes and Auerbach palace. Then the flight proceeds to the UNESCO world cultural heritage "Lorsch abbey" and on to the chaos of rocks in the Lauter valley, past the Bismarck tower, Falkenhof palace and Schönberg palace. From here you'll fly across the extensive hilly landscape of the Odenwald forest and you'll see the Kaiser tower in Lindenfels, the Reichenberg palace in Reichelsheim, Lichtenberg palace and the fortress Otzberg. Finally you'll fly back to the airfield via the city of Dieburg with it's impressive moated castle. We will gladly agree to a route of your choice and e.g. fly over your hometown. By request we'll change the flight path with the main focus on the Odenwald area ( cities of Höchst, Reichelsheim, Bad König, Michelstadt, Erbach and Amorbach).